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Get Off My Island is a fling-and-shoot game where Gomi, monkey-in-residence, slingshots fruit at tourists who want to settle in permanently! Your job is to help GOMI destroy the tourist structures to keep GOMI Island tourist free!

The most unique part of Get Off My Island is the build-a-board feature, where players can make their own buildings and play friends boards. The best boards will be showcased on

-63 original boards
-Game center integration with achievements and leaderboards
-Multiple fruits, each with unique abilities - shooting, bombing & heavy duty destruction.
-Physics-based demolition game; the more you destroy, the more points you get
-Introducing BUILD-A-BOARD!!!!!!!!

-Use our custom board builder to create your own unique boards.
-Share your custom built boards with friends
-Search and play the best boards built by people all over the world giving you UNLIMITED amount of boards!
-Level editor: save & revisit your levels
-Save your favorite boards built by others in our favorites section.
-Rate your friends boards

-Share and play as many custom built boards with your Facebook friends
-Play any of your Facebook friends boards with a click of a button
-Send your friends a push notification and email to simply challenge them to beat your board.

-Each month the 21 MOST PLAYED boards will be entered into our board of fame section and be part of our game forever!
-When someone plays your board you will receive 1 play. So make sure to share your board with as many friends as you can!

GOMI, our loveable monkey loves his island and wants to keep it tourist free. He will do anything to keep tourists out and has help from his friends.

Coco-nut is the fun coconut who loves to smash tourists’ structures to keep them out of GOMI island.
Zoom loves to use his lightening fast speed to crush objects.
Grapie loves to drop her mini grape bomb in strategic spots to destroy the tourists’ homes.
Pineapple Jack is the rugged fruit that can explode anytime you tap him.
Maggie the Mango can split into 3 small mangos and smash into objects.
More fruits coming soon! More fruits coming soon!
Takes pride in making sure his passengers have a great trip. Landing on GOMI island may not be the best place to visit.
Missy enjoys the sea breeze and loves to take in the sun on GOMI island.
Captain Isaac has been a co-captain for many years and loves to sail the seas.
Mike loves exploring new islands and can't wait to see what GOMI island is about.
Victor is a fun kid who really wants to help turn GOMI Island into a tourist attraction.
LuLu loves to look pretty with her perfect hair and blue eyes.
Kims loves to travel the world and would love to make GOMI island a fun place to stay.
Tom is a happy kid who loves to hang out and enjoy his stay at GOMI Island.
Barry is the character who loves GOMI island the most and builds the fastest out of all the characters. He can't wait to make GOMI Island the best tourist attraction ever.